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Through a series of unique circumstances The Muscle Mafia was formed in 2001. The men of The Muscle Mafia became known as “The Crew” and I, Carlo who is the creator of all this became known as “The God Father” or “The Boss".

This is pure muscle worship and alpha-male domination; straight muscle jocks, athletes and bodybuilders who are worshipped and rewarded by gay, bisexual or curious straight men. These secret and discreet muscle worship situations are real, raw and they are unscripted. They are filmed so that our identity remains private which gives creditability to the niche and the brand we exclusively created and now own.

Our films are professionally filmed, edited and offered as HD-DVDs and HD quality video-on-demand and streams. Our product and the way we manage business is professional, yet we still remain a group of gym buddies doing this on the "DL". The only difference is now we have become a sub-culture of society. Many who have reviewed and written about us on blogs, message boards and magazines will argue The Muscle Mafia, and our websites are an Internet sensation, a phenomenon of pop culture; their words not mine.
If you are finding us for the first time you have a lot of catching up to do, read our blog, check out our sites, browse the movies see what all the talk is about. Then like everyone else who has found us, stick with us as we continue to do what we do best.

Movies at: musclematt.com & privatereddoor.com

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Where Straight Muscle Gets Worshipped On The Down Low!

This site contains images, videos and links to related sites of naked men. Some images and/or video depict these men engaged in sexual acts, including masturbation, gay, straight and bisexually oriented material. Please leave now if such material offends you, or if you are under the age of 18, or if you live in a community where viewing or possessing adult material is illegal.