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The Boss!
Muscle Fund!
Support This Organization : The Muscle Mafia is a mean lean running muscle machine; a private, safe, secure and exclusive organization of friends and gym buddies that are here to both give and receive.  It is plain and simple, we don't mind donating our time, talent and bodies for your worship pleasure if you don't mind donating funds for support.  Your Muscle Fund dollars pay us the ultimate compliment by thanking us for doing what we do and keeping us motivated to keep doing it.  Muscle Fund Dollars can benefit the organization as a whole or one particular crew member. Your dollars are used to entice and seduce new members and to keep us on our current track of consistant growth and expansion.
The Boss Cam
Project or Crew Member Name:
1- Type which crew member or project you are sending money for.
2-Enter the amount you want to send.
3-Click "Send" to be taken to the secure checkout and payment area.
** Your credit or debit card numbers are never shown or seen by anyone but you!

* Purchases and payments will appear discretely on your credit card statement as: "MC Productions".

Accepting all major credit cards for purchases, cam shows, and all payments.


The Muscle Fund is partly responsible for what you see here. DVD sales and Red Door memberships also contribute to keeping us going. However, this custom made setup allows you to be a part of "The Inner Circle" in a unique way. Here you can donate to specific guys for financial worship, or specific projects and productions. Money has a suductive power over my straight buddies that are on the fence about filming with us. When a crew member or possible new crew member gets something special or something extra it goes a long way to getting them here and keeping them here.

It works like this, if a project or crew member receives funds they are notifed when you type their name in the text box above. Funds donated with the word "Mafia" go into our over all "Muscle Budget" for guys, DVDs, and projects in waiting. This allows us bigger, better, hotter guys and films shot in our own Trade Mark style!Questions, Suggestions: Email Carlo